Transform Your Pipe Organ!

Twenty years ago, who would have thought that pipe organ companies and organ purists, would be looking to electronic organ companies and manufacturers of organ electronics to enhance their instruments and control the operation of them. Today, it is common practice for pipe organ companies to use digital control in consoles and digitally sampled stops to make new instruments less expensive. More and more, organ technicians are upgrading pipe organs with the same digital electronics used in fully electronic organs.

At Phoenix Organs, we’re not just about building all digital organs. A large percentage of our business is in the transformation of pipe organs into technologically advanced controllers. Organists are no longer satisfied with sluggish console response, limited combination action, a small pipe organ that can hardly accompany congregational singing or manage a limited selection of the organ literature. But it goes further than that! All Phoenix Organ consoles, rebuilt or new, have MIDI and all of it’s benefits.

Getting More Flexibility and Variety From Your Pipe Organ

Right from its conception, the Phoenix System was designed to be used with both pipe organs and electronic organs or a combination of both. Hybrid organs (mixing pipes and sampled stops in one organ) are very successful due to several outstanding features:

1. The pipe control part of the system was a major
part of the concept right from the beginning of the
engineering stage. It was never an add-on or

2. The pipe driver circuit boards are of very high
quality and are designed to provide many years of
trouble-free service.

3. Adjustable delays can be set to match the speed
of windchest actions so that the response of the
digital stops perfectly match any pipe organ.

4. Our outstanding automatic tuner circuitry
accurately maintains the pitch of the sampled
stops with pipes.

5. Setting up (and/or altering) pipe chest
configuration can easily be done at the console.

Up-grade or Replace Your Pipe Organ Console

Rebuilding Your Console 

The Phoenix control system is designed to provide you with all of the custom features any organist, of any level of experience, could imagine. Phoenix has a reputation for organ console building and you can expect the new stop jambs, coupler tab rail, thumb piston rails and new key blocks to be as they should. Our cabinet shop can refinish the console if it needs it, or, in some cases, reduce the depth of the console.  We use only the finest pipe organ hardware in the rebuild of the console. In some cases the keyboards will need to be rebushed with felt, or new keyboards may be in order. There are various options to suit all budgets. Phoenix’ opto-isolator keyboard contact system, proven to be precise and dependable, can be installed.

Replacing Your Console

Large pipe organ consoles are no longer necessary with the Phoenix state-of-the-art control system. While console width will not be significantly reduced, the depth and weight will. For churches looking to make chancel renovations, a smaller console and being able to easily move it, provides more flexibility. Phoenix Organs builds quality consoles which are comfortable and compact, yet maintain the traditional styling pipe organists expect. Only top quality hardware, such as drawknobs, coupler tabs, thumb and toe pistons from pipe organ hardware suppliers is utilized.

Digital Stop Additions For Pipe Organs

Phoenix digital stops may be added to any pipe organ with amazing end results. Timing and speech of the digital stops can be adjusted to match the pipes of the same division and, with the Phoenix voicing software, the digital stops can be regulated and tuned to do the job seamlessly. It is not uncommon for Phoenix personnel to be asked by organists "can you please go over all the stops and tell me which are digital and which are pipe?" Technicians may be asked occasionally to add digital extensions to existing pipe ranks. We can often do this successfully using samples already in our library, but if this is not the case, Phoenix will sample existing pipes and create new octaves that match perfectly. Phoenix prefers not to do any borrowing of ranks but it can be done with our system.

Equipment for digital stop additions includes:

1) the electronic system built into a black box.

2) power amplifier(s).

3) speakers.

The amount or size of these units depends on what stops are used and how many are involved. A very common addition to a pipe organ is pedal stops, including those of 32' pitch. For a medium to large church, there are usually two speakers for the 32'. Each cabinet is 10 cubic feet- a fraction of the size of the equivalent pipes. To hear some of our pipe sample work, please go to our website — Phoenix pipe samples are being heralded on both sides of the Atlantic. More importantly, we have the craftmanship and artistic talent to blend samples and pipes for an outstanding and exciting finished product.

What goes into it?
Not all pipe organ digital extensions, rebuilds or up-grades can be considered equal. The Phoenix system is up-to-date technology, making it more compact and efficient than other systems on the market. Our circuit boards and sub-assemblies are manufactured using the latest techniques complete with accredited quality assurance and testing at all stages of production. This offers the end user a product which is inherently reliable, and will continue to give sterling service for many years to come.

As technology allows us to simulate the sound of the original pipe more accurately than ever before, the tonal gap between pipe organs and their electronic counterparts is narrowing all the time. It is now at the stage that the difference is so small
that the rate of improvement is slowing down accordingly. Thus today’s organ will go out-ofdate less quickly than an organ of the seveties, eighties, and even ninties.

To hear some Phoenix Organ pipe sample work, please go to or see the Media Page on this website. Phoenix pipe samples are being heralded on both sides of the Atlantic. More importantly, we have the craftmanship and artistic talent to blend samples and pipes for an outstanding and exciting finished product.

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