We don't live here anymore
but we are alive and well.

W O R L D' S   B E S T   D I G I T A L   O R G A N S

  • Artistic, High Quality, Long Pipe Samples
  • Personal Attention to Your Organ Project
  • Up to 4 Independent Stop Lists in Each Organ
  • Multiple Channel Sound, 64 or more are possible
  • Quad-polar AcoustiCube Speakers w/ woofer each
  • Custom-designed Speaker Systems
  • Each Organ is Hand-built by skilled craftsmen
  • Multi-Channel Note Assignment per Stop
  • Very Detailed Voicing Capabilities
  • Fine Quality, Top-Tier Consoles
  • Elegant Console Appointments and Design
  • Phoenix's Passion for the Organ and it's Music

Questions to answer when selecting a new organ...

See the Official Phoenix Organs North America Site ... Click here.

Non multa, sed multum

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